Set Up Profiling

Learn how to enable profiling in your app if it is not already set up.

With profiling, Sentry allows you to collect and analyze performance profiles from real user devices in production to give you a complete picture of how your application performs in a variety of environments.

Sentry profiling for .NET is available in Alpha on .NET 6.0+ (tested on .NET 7.0 & .NET 8.0 as well) for:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Mac Catalyst

To enable profiling, set the ProfilesSampleRate. Additionally, for all platforms except iOS/Mac Catalyst, you need to add a dependency on the Sentry.Profiling NuGet package.

dotnet add package Sentry.Profiling

Profiling depends on Sentry’s tracing product being enabled beforehand. To enable tracing in the SDK, set the TracesSampleRate option to the desired value.

SentrySdk.Init(options =>
    // ... usual setup options omitted for clarity (see Getting Started) ...

    // Sample rate for your transactions, e.g. value 0.1 means we want to report 10% of transactions.
    // Setting 1.0 means all transactions are profiled.
    // We recommend adjusting this value in production.
    options.TracesSampleRate = 1.0;

    // Sample rate for profiling, applied on top of othe TracesSampleRate,
    // e.g. 0.2 means we want to profile 20 % of the captured transactions.
    // We recommend adjusting this value in production.
    options.ProfilesSampleRate = 1.0;

    // Requires NuGet package: Sentry.Profiling
    // Note: By default, the profiler is initialized asynchronously. This can be tuned by passing a desired initialization timeout to the constructor.
    options.AddIntegration(new ProfilingIntegration(
        // During startup, wait up to 500ms to profile the app startup code. This could make launching the app a bit slower so comment it out if your prefer profiling to start asynchronously

Check out the tracing setup documentation for more detailed information on how to configure sampling. Setting the traces sample rate to 1.0 means all transactions will be captured. Setting the profiles sample rate to 1.0 means all captured transactions will be profiled.

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